Tech Repair Requests


If you are having a problem with the technology in your classroom, please TROUBLESHOOT first.  Try all of the following:

1.  Check your power, plugs, and connections.  Make sure everything is plugged in tightly, connected, and your power strip is turned on.  Sometimes they will trip and need the reset button pushed.

2.  Check your network cable.  Is is securely attached at both ends?  Please check where it attaches to the back of your computer, and follow it all the way to the wall.

3.  Restart your computer.  Start > Shutdown > Restart > Log in

4.  Shutdown.  Start > Shutdown > Shutdown > Wait one full minute > Power back on > Log in.

If your problems still persist, please click the link below to complete the Tech Assistance Request Form.  If it's something I can fix, I will.  Otherwise, I will submit a work order for you.

FORM LINK:  NWE Computer Repair/Tech Assistance Request Form

Thank you!

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