Policies and Procedures

The goal of the Northwest Elementary's Media Center/Coordinator is to provide flexible access to instructional services (Media Coordinator), in addition to flexible access to school library media center resources.  We are able to accommodate individuals and groups simultaneously.
Northwest Elementary has a full time Media Coordinator and Media Assistant.  This allows us to implement the State/County mandate for a fully flexible schedule with an all-day open checkout.


Checkout will open at 8:30 am, after the morning announcements.  This is to ensure that all students have been to their classrooms and have had their attendance recorded.
When the Media Assistant is present, lessons and checkout will run simultaneously.  Checkout will remain open throughout the day unless a lesson is in session and the Media Assistant is unavailable.  In that case, checkout will be available when the lesson has ended or the Media Assistant returns to the library.  Students may leave their selections on the counter with their library card, and we will deliver the books to them when they have been checked out if no one is available to help them when they come.
Small groups of students (2-3) may be sent to check out books without a teacher present, provided they are not disruptive to the lessons in progress.  The Media Coordinator reserves the right to send disruptive students back to their class without having checked out.  A call will be made to the teacher with an explanation.
If there are time slots available, teachers may sign up for whole class checkout.  During a whole class checkout session, no more than half the class may be actively looking for books.  Teachers may bring something for waiting students to work on.  Students must act in an appropriate manner while selecting/checking out and waiting.  There should be a minimal amount of noise...  this is a LIBRARY.  Book shelves should remain neat.  Teachers are asked to monitor their class' behavior while the Media Coordinator assists students in locating/checking out books.  Again, the Media Coordinator reserves the right to ask students who are showing inappropriate behavior to sit/leave the library.
Kindergarten classes will come to the library for story time each week.  Any other classes who would like a story and checkout may sign up at any available time slot twice a month.   Sign ups will be available on a month-to-month basis.  A teacher or instructional assistant will need to remain with the class to monitor students while the Ms. Graham assists students in finding books.

Library Lessons

The sign-up book for library lessons is kept at the library's front desk.  Library lessons will be scheduled on an "as need" basis.  Ms. Graham will be meeting with each PLC individually.  At this time we will discuss how to best integrate the Information Skills Curriculum and set up times for library lessons.  Teachers who have a lesson which requires using the library resources will contact the Media Coordinator to find an appropriate time schedule.

Library Use for Special Events

If you need to use the library for a special event, please see the Media Coordinator to avoid schedule problems.  
If you need any type of presentation equipment, please let the Media Staff know prior to the scheduled presentation.  This will allow adequate time to ensure all equipment is functioning properly.
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