Why is Art important?

Why is Art important?
-Art develops fine motor skills.
Children get lots of practice using crayons, markers, and paint brushes. This builds stronger hand muscles and increases hand-eye coordination. When you compare an art project from the beginning of the year to one at the end of the year, you will see a tremendous difference!
- Art builds self esteem because every child is successful!
Art is about expression. There is no "wrong" in art. Every child's art is appreciated because it is unique. Every child is an artist!
-Art strengthens other areas of the curriculum.
In Art, many lessons are related to other areas of the student's curriculum. Art can include science. For example, we can learn about the environment or about animals. Art can include math. We measure, count, and use fractions. Art can include reading and writing, also. I often read books to the students. Some projects include writing. An example of this is when we create cards or booklets. Music and movement activities are often included in art lessons. Art is more than just creating.
-Art creates appreciation.
Through art, students analyze what they see. They learn to look more closely at textures, colors, and other details. They learn to look for the unique qualities in things. When students really see things, instead of just looking at them, they can appreciate what they see.
-Art is an outlet.
Many times, students need art as a break from the regular classroom activities.  Art has been proven in studies to relax students. Art is a great form of therapy!
-Art develops problem solving and other critical thinking skills.
We use brainstorming with nearly every lesson. I always ask students for their ideas. They are able so see how one idea can lead to many different ideas. Problem solving is an important part of art. When a child makes a mistake, we brainstorm together to come up with a way to fix the mistake. So often we find that our "accidents" lead to great art! 

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