In the classroom

Parents,  Common Core will align subject areas for each grade level throughout the United States so each child has a greater understanding even when moving becomes a necessity. To find out more about EOG Testing, you may review the released test forms in ELA and Math at:
To help your child, know what to expect on the EOG, visit our Parent Resource Room, practice skills using the Study Island Website, Complete assigned homework, Review Notes and Read Daily, Continue to review, practice, and increase fluency with Multiplication facts, and avoid student absences and signing out of school early. 
Math - We use enVision Math.  My first impression is, "I love it!"   It views math as a process instead of a series of steps students are taught. Exactly the method I have always used in the classroom.  One thing to remember, we use actual math language.  Students will be expected to understand and master Math terminology. The first half of the year students will be expanding on what they have learned in previous grades in Numeration, Place Value, Patterns, Multi-step word problems involving Operations of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.  The second half of the school year we will be working on Fractions  (how to read, write, addition and subtraction of like and unlike denominators, equivalent frations) and Decimals (comparing, ordering, addition and subtraction of decimals).  Measurement (solving problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements from a larger unit to a smaller unit).  Geometry (Draw and identify lines and angles, and classify shapes by properties of their lines and angles).
Please take every opportunity to reinforce what we are doing in the classroom at home. Let your child purchase items with money they earn, ask them to give you the time or tell you the temperature. Involve them in cooking dinner or baking with you so they can apply what we learn in the classroom to real life activities. Remember much of our learning takes place at home and the connection we have through school with the real world.  
Science - This year we will be concentrating in learning science through exploration. Our areas of study include energy through the use of magnetism, electricity, and force. The changes which occur to the Earth through land movement, the discovery of the history of the Earth through the study of fossils and the gems found in the different types of soil. The movement of the Earth around the Sun which causes day and night, and Moon Phases. Plant and Animal Adaptations and Health
Learning should be fun!  
We will be using hands-on practices as much as possible. 
We have Study Island!
This will really help review those facts and skills to prepare for the EOG.  Parents,  I encourage you to do this with your child until you feel comfortable enough to allow them to work alone. It covers the Common Core Curriculum of Study in Reading and Math. Students can move at their own pace.  Lessons are available to them in each area if they forget or become confused. They will feel the reward of accomplishment as they win their blue ribbons.

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