Web Sites to Enjoy
I hope you enjoy checking out these fun and informational websites I have found. If you find something good to share with others, let me know. I am always looking for new sites to add to the website.

Study Island - This is a wonderful websites students can practice their Math, Reading, and Science skills. It's great to use when preparing for EOGs. 

PBS Kids: It's My Life - PBS is working to educate students about bullies. Play games, watch videos, or read about ways to end bullying.

Poptropica - Just has some fun in a child friendly environment.

Reading Sites

Scholastic.com - This site has so much interesting information about books. There are aslo some really fun games.

ABCYA - Have fun with some of these games!

Professor Garfield - Explore, create, read, and play with Garfield. There is so much fun to be had here.

Math Sites
Illuminations - This is a wonderful site from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Students can play games to practice math skills, or use manipulatives like we have here at school to work out their homework problems.

Logic Puzzles - Sharpen those problem solving skills at this site. The students know I love logic puzzles. Here is a site filled with puszzled that can be played online. 

Math manipulatives - Use these manipulatives when working on your homework. There are base ten blocks, number lines, and all kinds of things.

Virtual manipulatives- Use these manipulatives to help with your assignments.

Measure Angles - Need to practic measuring angles? Here is the site for you. Pracitce measuring and creating angles.

Multiplication.com - Practice your multiplication with fun games.

Cool Math - Talk about fun! This is a great site for kids to practice skills and play games. Parents can search by skill to find extra help for your child.

Science Sites
ED Heads - Play around with some simple machines. You can even try your hand at some virtual surgeries.

Electricity and Energy - Play these fun games to experience how energy moves.

EnergyQuest - Explore the world of energy. There is informaiton to read, puzzles to solve, and games to play.

Funbrain - This is a great website for your child to exercise their brain and motor skills at the same time.

The fusebox - This site has a lot of information about electricity. Learn about where electricity comes from, history of electricity, and play with interactive circuits.

Properties of Matter- check out these videos and activities to learn about the properties of matter

Social Studies Sites
Ben's Guide - Let Ben Franklin guide you through Social Studies skills like government, elections, economics, and much more. This site has some great historical information as well as kid friendly explanations of how government works. 

National Geographic for Kids- This site has a little of everything! Have fun playing a game, reading about people, or learning about animals. There are many great things to do here.

50 states for Kids- Find lots of information about our 50 states.

NC Games -  Learn about the state of North Carolina with fun interactive games here.