Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are some questions that I am asked quite often by 3rd graders: 
1.  Will we have homework?   Yes, of course!  However, we will only have homework that helps us practice skills we have learned in class.  We'll also have homework that includes studying for tests!  Sometimes we'll finish a writing assignment at home that we started during the day.  And you will always see on the homework board - "Read 30 Minutes."
2.  Will homework be for a grade?  You should always complete homework. Each student starts out with a 100 in Homework for every subject.  If you fail to do one night's homework in math, you'll have a 95 as a homework grade in math.  So, yes, it is for a grade - but its also a sign of responsibility.  
3.  Can we have a water bottle at our desks?  We can keep one at our cubby
4.  Do we get snacks?  Absolutely! We will do much better in class with a quick nutritious snack mid-morning.  Only healthy snacks will be permitted.  Good examples are pretzels, fruit, cheese cubes,  or nuts.  Please, NOTHING that needs utensils!  
5.   What about Scholastic Book Clubs?  Yes - I always send home the flyers from Scholastic Book Clubs.  It's an economical way to add to your home library and to encourage the love of reading.  Our class also earns points when parents order which allows us to add books to our class library too.
6.  Will we get recess?  Only if it's a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  We'll have indoor recess if it's too rainy, or too cold.  If it's too hot, we'll go out early in the day.  
7.  Can I wear my brand new 3 inch heels to school?  Or what about my fancy new tuxedo?   When dressing for school, ask yourself if you can be comfortable all day.  Ask yourself if you can run and play.  That might help you make your decision.   
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