McCray, Bonnie Second Grade

 Please make sure all picture proofs are returned to school, whether a purchase is made or not. 
Welcome to Ms. McCray's 3rd grade site!! You will find everything you need right here...from homework, to upcoming tests, to upcoming events, and much more!
Below you will find our classroom rules, rewards and consequences, and our specials schedule.
1. Come to class prepared and ready to learn.
2. Respect others at all times.
3. Use your manners and a soft, kind voice.
4. Ask questions when you do not understand.
5. ALWAYS try your best!
Behavior System: On a Roll behavior: Students will earn sticks of butter or burnt sticks based on their behavior- following directions, completing work, paying attention, being a helper, using listening ears, being respectful; etc. Students will earn rewards and consequences on a weekly basis.
5-8 Sticks: 1 pieces of candy
9-12: 2 pieces of candy and 1 pass
13+: 2 pieces of candy and 2 passes 
 1 burnt stick:give teacher at least 5 minutes of your time  2 burnt sticks: note or phone call home 3 burnt sticks: referral to the office  Tokens Students will also be earning tokens as they work and return important papers to school. The tokens will then be used to purchase items from the treasure box, at least once a month. Specials Schedule: Monday- Comp 1:00-1:30 Tuesday- Music 1:30-2:15 Wednesday- PE 11:00-11:45 Thursday- Art 10:10-10:55 Friday- PE 11:00-11:45

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