Spelling Words

Spelling Words
Students are responsible for learning ten spelling words each week. Words coordinate with the story we are reading in our class during the week. TEST on Friday!
(List 1)
at, hat, cat, can, cap, tap, map, mad, a, the
(List 2)
am, ham, had, bad, bag, rag, cap, mad, up, go
(List 3)
in, pin, pig, wig, win, fin, am, pan, yes, and
(List 4)
pick, pack, tack, back, sack, sick, big, is, they, walk
(List 5)
hot, hop, pop, pot, dot, not, back, pick, now, want
(List 6)
all, call, fall, wall, ball, tall, on, not, so, of
(List 7)
hen, pen, men, end, send, set, all, call, very, that
(List 8)
then, them, this, that, path, with, men, set, was, said
(List 9)
us, bus, bug, rug, mug, must, with, then, she, use
(List 10)
sing, sang, hang, rang, ring, bring, bus, must, your, when
(List 11)
or, for, corn, cork, fork, more, hang, ring, two, from
(List 12)
ship, shop, shot, wish, dish, dash, for, more, be try
(List 13)
chip, chin, inch, itch, catch, match, wish, shop, how, many

(List 14)
far, farm, arm, art, cart, card, chin, inch, live, soon

(List 15)
quit, quick, quiz, whiz, which, when, arm, card, who, there

(List 16)
sir, dirt, bird, burn, fur, her, quit, when, work, grew

(List 17 )
middle, fiddle, wiggle, giggle, puddle, cuddle, fur, bird, were, four
(List 18 )
low, bow, row, road, soap, boat, wiggle, middle, talk, school

(List 19)
me, mean, bean, be, beet, feet, low, road, who, door
(List 20)
came, game, gate, late, lake, take, feet, me, know, also

(List 21)
jelly, belly, bunny, funny, furry, hurry, take, came, world, over

(List 22)
nine, line, like, bike, bite, while, funny, hurry, warm, water
(List 23)
ice, nice, rice, race, face, space, like, nine, why, most
(List 24)
cow, how, now, down, out, round, nice, face, does, once
(List 25)
my, fly, by, why, sky, try, out, now, any, eight
(List 26)
bone, cone, code, rode, rose, those, my, try, again, blue
(List 27)
high, night, light, right, might, bright, rode, those, touch, twelve
(List 28)
day, say, sail, pail, pay, play, right, high, learn, join
(List 29)
find, kind, mind, mild, child, wild, day, play, sure, son
(List 30)
old, fold, told, cold, roll, most, find, child, both, during


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