Sight Words

High-Frequency/Sight Words
High frequency words are introduced in each reading book. These words are practiced in class daily. Please review the words with your child.
Review from kindergarten:
a, are, come, do, for, go, have, here, I, like, little, look, me, my, no, one, see, the, to, we, what, you
High-Frequency Words
Reading Book - 1
"Guess Who?"
down, got, up, and, in, oh, yes, make, they, walk, help, now, play, too, want, don't, of, so, buy, that, very, where
Reading Book - 2
"Catch a Dream"
day, every, her, said, was, with, could, friends, new, put, she, use, gives, he night, out, people, says, when, your, eat, from, gone, grows, or, two, be good, Mr., need, our, right, saw, time, try, away, food, funny, hide, how, many, some, their
Reading Book - 3
"Here and There"
air, animals, around, fly, live, soon, turns, city, chip, house, sometimes, take, there, about, books, by family, grew, read, work, writing, find, follow, found, four, full, these, way, were, each, great, other, place, school, talk, together, door, kind, made, who, would
Reading Book - 4
"Time Together"
also, anything, know, moved, only, room, should, those, write, country, Earth, over, special, town, world, above, different, hold, old, warm, water, years, because, cook, front, listen, most, picture, why, young, almost, always, does, even, once, pretty, say, sound, any, busy, care, Dr., eight, took, again, blue, hello, high, love, opened, another, change, field, touch, twelve, wait, wild
Reading Book - 5
"Gather Around"
afraid, flew, join, learn, nothing, thought, wonder, caught, cold, hurried, near, son, sure, both, during, ready, clues, detective, floor, nature, piece, pulls, angry, nearly, okay, sorry, boy, brought, few, head, read, afternoon, bicycle, carry, hours, parents, against, careful, fire, quietly, shook

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